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The roots of the Ervideira Stud Farm reach back to the year 1888, when the Viscount and 1st Count of Ervideira, Dom José Perdigão Rosado de Carvalho, the heir to a long existing horse herd, resolved to purposefully found a Stud Farm with the same characteristics that still exist today. In fact, at that time, the Ervideira Stud Farm sought to break with the cannons of the age and create a Lusitano horse breeding institution, with very carefully defined criteria. From that moment on, all the animals born in the Stud Farm have been duly recorded, thus enabling us to trace the bloodline of the horses back to the foundation of the Stud Farm. This fact makes us probably the oldest private Lusitano horse Stud Farm with "Identity" (complete records) in the world. 

After the death of the founder D. José Perdigão (Ervideira) in 1941, the breeding mares were divided amongst his three children: José, Arthur and Luís. However, it was the last of these that not only recovered an important part of the mares donated to his brothers, but also gave continuity to his father's Stud Farm, having begun managing it already during the latter's lifetime. Luiz de Sousa Carvalho (Ervideira) thus continues the work in an extraordinary manner, promoting the Stud Farm abroad and cementing the "Ervideira Lineage" in the Portuguese horse breeding panorama. After his death, the Stud Farm passed to his daughter Dona Maria da Luz de Sousa Carvalho de Sousa Cabral (Ervideira) and later to his grandchildren, namely Luis and Pedro de Sousa Cabral. Since 1966, the Stud Farm has been run by Luis de Sousa Cabral, its current and sole owner.

It is under his management that several prizes have been awarded, such as Female Champion (Donzela II - 1988, Lisbon International Fair), Female Champion and Champion of Champions (Eleita II - 1990, National Agriculture Fair), Female Champion and Champion of Champions (Donzela II - Lisbon International Fair) and Male Champion and Champion of Champions (Imponente - 1992, National Horse Fair, Golegã).

Having operated for more than 123 years, the Ervideira Stud Farm is proud to be a landmark in the world of Lusitano horse breeding, striving to maintain the Heritage and good practices of the past, while simultaneously renewing and reforming its identity, a factor that has enabled it to be always amongst the best over the ages. 

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