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Like any pure-bred Lusitano horse, there are certain standard breed parameters that must be complied with. However, the “Ervideiras” have specific characteristics that are the product of selection criteria that have existed and accompanied the Stud Farm’s more than 123 years of existence.


Unusually docile and capable of strong concentration, they learn the most diverse equestrian exercises with enthusiasm.


They are distinguished for their refined front and powerful hindquarters, thus combining athletic power with a more sublime silhouette which is visible at first sight.


The homogeneity achieved and the genetic baggage which they carry, resulting from more than 123 years of successful selection, give the “Ervideiras” an unmistakable personality. They are brave and combative, but also with boundless delivery, which gives a unique brilliance to those that ride them.

The Pillars of our selection

Our selection rests on three main pillars, which we try to combine in a balanced, continuous, and dynamic manner. Although we always start with the Temperament factor, we do not esteem any of these points more than another, since only through a harmonious combination and balance of the three can one achieve success.

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